amidst geologic time

Maharam Fellowship for Sustainability and Social Justice
Siekopai/Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon
Workshops and Photographic Documentation

Pictured here are images I had the pleasure of taking for a 
historic workshop conducted by the Siekopai peoples in the 
Peruvian Amazon. Many women from various communities all 
across the jungle gathered in a the village of Guahoya to 
reunite and share ancestral knowledge of their traditional 
pottery making to the young generation.

The Siekopai, also known as the Many Colored People, are an 
indigenous community that has called the Amazon home for 
hundreds of years. They are a vibrant craftspeople who create multicolored garments and speak a unique language. Following a border dispute in the 1940s between Peru and Ecuador, the population was splintered, causing some of the community to flee deep into Ecuador and lose contact with their families. For nearly sixty years, the two groups remained separated until they were finally reunited. Distance between the two groups has made collaboration strenuous, and as these communities modernize, the ability to share and preserve knowledge becomes increasingly more difficult.

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