amidst geologic time

Sumak Kawsay (Ecuadorian Sierra)

Digital Photography.  Across Ecuador’s geographies, all life is 
unified under the inalienable rights of nature. These natural 
rights, or Sumak Kawsay, imply more than an aestheticized 
view of nature, but instead embrace humanity as a symbiotic 
element at harmony with the natural world. Understanding 
how humans can live in symbiosis with nature, especially in 
one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet, 
is pivotal. Buildings choreograph our daily lives. They 
perpetuate or reject inequality. An architecture of 
adaptation requires a deep understanding of sociocultural 
systems in order to assure that culture survives beyond a 
just transition but thrive. By connecting across disciplines such as filmmaking, performance, writing, and drawing, through the lens of urban planning, might we imagine how storytelling can combat an inevitable climate future.
→ 2023