amidst geologic time

Climigrant’s Sketchbook Initiative.

The Climigrant’s Sketchbook Initiative is a design research 
collaborative that connects Climate Migrants from across 
ecosystems through stories, tools, and artwork with the aim 
of empowering those displaced by climate change. Our 
mission is to provide an all-access and free space for 
individuals around the world facing displacement. The CSI 
is dedicated to cultural exchange, incorporating climate
specific architectural adaptations from vernacular 
construction and indigenous wisdom. 

This platform equips refugees, dispossessed, or displaced 
peoples with valuable knowledge, strategies, and tools to adapt to the rapidly changing climatic conditions and build sustainable futures, provoking resilience at the scale of the human hand. The CSI prioritizes the role of social services, many Climigrants experiencing scarcity of: food, water, shelter, healthcare access, and employment. As part of the research process, the CSI conducts field studies and in-person workshops. Drawing upon intersectional methods of community engagement, researchers with the CSI emphasize the role of environmental justice in actively combatting inequity felt by the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. 

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By connecting between design, research, and community engagement, CSI attempts to break down the common pathways of exclusion. By creating an intimate space that fosters the sharing of experiences, solutions, and storytelling, Climigrant’s Sketchbook cultivates a global community focused on resilience, knowledge exchange, and collective action. 

→ 2021—2024